Underwater Experience with White Dolphin

where am I?
where am I?

It has been twenty five months I live here, in Central Sulawesi. A place that has magnificent underwater view, where fishes and corals live in harmony. Everyday I’m in love with the sea. In Tanjung Karang beach I learnt how to swim, snorkel, and free dive. They become my regular activity. Almost every weekend my friends and I go to the beach in Donggala to snorkel for an hour or two, or even more till sunset. J’adore regarder le coucher du soleil.

We have snorkeling and free diving club called White Dolphin. I learn a lot from them, how to survive under water and in life. Yeah, because we are from various backgrounds, age, gender, and job. White Dolphin likes to explore new spot, to discover safe place to snorkel. We put bubu (fish trap) and hopefully some fishes are trapped inside so we can cook it together.

Our favorite spot is KM 26. It is located 26 kilometers from Palu. Very special place for us because it is right beside main road of Trans Palu-Donggala. Corals are everywhere. Clown fishes, lion fishes, snakes, sea horses, and even sharks are there. They are marvelous and dangerous; depend on how we treat them.

Unfortunately, some people don’t keep the environment clean. Trash of plastics, glasses, food make the environment dirty and can be dangerous for fishes or human. So please put the trash in trash bin or keep it in plastic bag until you find nearest trash bin. We want to save the environment so our next generation and next two three and so on generation still can enjoy beautiful underwater panorama just like us.

White Dolphin from Indonesia
White Dolphin from Indonesia
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